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Please find below the translation of my monaco funding profile.

About me and my targets

"Do you want the cookie or the ice cream?" - "May I have both?"
I simply cannot make up my mind... but this is me, and it's all right like that.

I wouldn't call myself a typical rower: I started rowing quite early (aged 10), but entered the international stage relatively late. After having moved to Hamburg for my studies, I could qualify for the world rowing under 23 year old championships for the first time - in my last under 23 year. However, I came home with a gold medal.

Ever since, I have been able to constantly raise my speed, so that finally, I've become one of the 4 top female lightweight scullers in the German squad. Three out of these four will go to the Olympic Games in Rio.

I finished studying in 2013, and, differently from many other athletes in the team, I'm not entirely concentrating on rowing, but work as a development engineer for aircraft assembly processes... so we're back at the topic with the ice cream and the cookie.
Honestly, only one of both would not satisfy me. I enjoy that different challenges of sport and professional life are alternating, and I'm happy that my livelyhood and self-estimate do not solely depend on my physical capacity. 

I row because I like it: moving outside in the fresh air; constantly improving all the tiny movements; being able to train alone or to fully concentrate on the teamwork; to try to excell myself and to compete against others.


"You should support Judith on her way to her 1st Olympic Games in 2016. The double burden with work and training is very hard. Judith invests a lot of time into her training. Moreover, she often works extra hours to be able to join the training camps.

Now this determined women has been hit hard: Her boat, which she needs for rowing, has been put up for sale. She had to buy it her own to be able to compete the qualification regattas for Rio 2016 at all.

Personally, I'm about to join the Olympic Games for the 5th time, won an olympic bronze medal (2000 in Sydney) and became world rowing champion in the men's single in 2002. I've been rowing for the German national team for 22 years.

Judith is determined, ambitious and has everything a lightweight woman needs. Since she became under 23 world rowing champion, she has not slackened and made the sixth place on the 2015 world rowing championships in the single.

Please help and support her, so that she can make her target and dream of the olympic games come true."

Marcel Hacker

– German Rower –
– World Rowing Champion and Olympic Bronze Medallist –

What else to say?

I've been talking to a lot of people who were astonished that there are not always eight men in the boat. Athletes not competing in the most popular discipline are often completely overlooked by media and general public, although they're usually showing the same commitment and performance.

Monaco Funding provides a platform for athletes competing in relatively unknown disciplines and helps them to gain recognition and support.

Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm, your engagement and your friendliness!

What for do I need support?

In January 2016, my up to then boat sponsor put down his support suddenly and unexpectedly.
Due to that, I had to buy "my" boat, which I need both for my daily training and for all competitions, from him. Otherwise he would have sold it immediately.
Your support will thus be used to refinance the boat.

Crowdfunding - rewards

<14€ Personal "Thank you" post on my blog

15-39€ Autograph card & "Thank you" post on my blog

40-149€ postcard from my next training camp or competition

150-299€ a cake or a box of home made cookies + an autograph card

300-999€ personal rowing lesson with me

> 1000€ your logo on my boat

In case you have any further questions (I do not want to translate the entire monaco funding FAQs here) feel free to contact me and ask!

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